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About Us

We develop, produce and sell products for the agricultural industry. As a spider in the web we provide tailor-made solutions for national and international companies. Our years of experience in the industry, the internal development and production possibilities and the personal approach are highly appreciated by our customers.


Companies in the agricultural industry worldwide come to JTB Product Development BV for the further development and implementation of their ideas.

Requests in the field of greenhouse systems and related aluminum and glass products are submitted to JTB Product Development BV for the whole process of development and production from scratch to final product.

Our Vision

Through constant improvement of its production processes JTB Product Development BV knows how to supply its customers with competitive high-end products. ‘Standing still is going backwards’ may sound as a cliché, but certainly true. Therefore, JTB Product Development BV is always looking forwards using the latest techniques and high-quality materials.

Our Mission

Investment in innovation ensures sustainability and quality. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is part of it. During the production processes and the choice of material the environment and the highest standards are therefore always taken into account.

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